Monday, July 1, 2013


Just in case you were wondering (which I know you totally were!), here are nine random things about me:

1. I am a huge, freakishly-obsessed, animal lover and self-appointed animal advocate (okay, this may not be completely surprising to any one who even remotely knows me). In fact, at one point in my life I owned 27 animals. No. joke. And I try not to eat dead animals meat.
This is my precious puppy Abigail. 
2. I can touch my nose with my tongue. Sadly, it's my only real talent.

3. My all-time favorite number since as far as I can remember is 9 (hence the reason you are receiving 9 facts about me and not 8 or 10).

4. I have been to Mexico 6 times and I met my boyfriend there one of those times.

5. I am addicted to Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Seriously. I ate a bag every single day throughout junior high and high school (and if my metabolism and skinny jeans would still allow it, I would still practice this form of diet).

6. I pretty much love all types of music, but my all time fave is punk rock and basically any band from the 90s (helloooo Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, New Found Glory, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fall Out Boy, etc etc etc.)

7. I never blow dry my hair. Really, never. In fact, I've only recently become a hair dryer owner and I haven't used it once.

8. I'm allergic to avocado (sadly, this means guacamole, too). 

9. I had my Master's Degree by the time I was 24-years-old. I majored in Clinical Psychology and am now a practicing therapist (okay, I guess that was like three facts in one). 

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